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   MEDirect Latino is a uniquely positioned provider of direct-to-consumer Medicare reimbursed medical products focused exclusively on chronic diseases afflicting the rapidly growing Hispanic community in the United States and Puerto Rico. MEDirect is the only company positioned to serve the U.S. Hispanic healthcare market as a direct-to-consumer Medicare provider on an authentically national level. We work and partner with many doctors and specialists in various medical niches and areas like back specialist, and more in order to achieve better results.


Investor Relations


   As the only licensed Part B provider of Medicare reimbursable products focused on the Hispanic market, MEDirect Latino’s primary competitors are local pharmacies which typically have less than 1000-1500 clients. The Company’s advantage over local pharmacy providers is that these local competitors do not accept Assignment under Medicare Part B and instead require the customer to pay full retail price for their products up front and file for the Medicare reimbursable amount (80%) themselves.

Corporate Spokespersons

Rita Moreno

Rita Moreno & Juan Chi Chi Rodriguez

MEDirect Latino Recent Press Releases

Jul 26, 2007 MEDirect Latino, Inc. Awarded Accreditation From the Joint Commission

Jul 17, 2007 MEDirect Latino Inc. Announces An Investor Conference Call Thursday, July 26th, 2007, Hosted by Company CEO, Charles W. Hansen III

Jul 6, 2007 MEDirect Latino Inc. Nominates Henry R. Autry Director

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